All That Kids Can Be

All that kids can be is a focus area where we look to improve access to early childhood learning and developmental programs, to help children and youth do well in school and complete high school. Our aim is to support youth in making healthy transitions into adulthood and post-secondary education. It’s important that activities, both fun and developmental, be available to youth of all ages.

All that kids can be

Some of the related programs that The United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk supports are:

Community Based Match Program

(Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie)
Children are matched with a mentor who is a role model. The children are then able to spend time with others and build relationships while gaining leadership skills and self confidence.

Site Based Programs
(Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Grand Erie)
This in-school mentoring program matches youth to a mentor. The program includes weekly in-school sessions that encourage active living, balanced eating, staying in school, and feeling good. 

Parenting after Separation/Divorce
(Dalhousie House)
Parents attend an educational course about the negative effects of separation and                                       divorce and how to cope with them. Positive parenting strategies are taught to                                             help keep the children out of their parent’s conflicts and to maintain a healthy                                           relationship between parents and child.

n’Courage Girls’ Club
(Norfolk Pregnancy Centre)
An after school program for girls aged 10-13. This program focuses on enhancing self-esteem, healthy relationships, and life skills in young girls through crafts, guest speakers and other events.

Growing Together Mom’s Group
(Norfolk Pregnancy Centre)
This weekly group provides support and education for mothers who are experiencing pregnancy, have young children, or require support in their relationships. The program provides support for mothers while educating and engaging them with relevant parenting topics.