Season's Greetings!...

Your world may never be the same again. The simple act of getting your groceries, going to the bank, or going to work is just not as simple anymore. Meeting up with your friends, seeing your grandchildren, hugging your family. So much has changed. But if you are really struggling to put food on your table, have extremely limited funds in your bank account and recently lost your job, life is far from simple.

There are more than 16,250 adults and children across Haldimand and Norfolk who need your help. That is the number of people that your United Way assists every, single year—and the number is growing. The change in our world has caused an even greater change in their world. The number of visits to food banks has increased by 42%. The biggest struggle for so many families across Haldimand and Norfolk is the ability to put food on their table.

We discovered throughout the pandemic that for many children, the only meal they received each day was through the lunch program at their school. When schools closed in March, they were no longer fed. The needs are real, and they are urgent.

“Everyone who was handing out the food baskets were so nice. When we got home, my mom was happy. It was fun to put the food away together in our cupboards. Thank you to everyone who helped our family.”


Your gift will ensure that we can address these needs. Your gift will provide hope and a path to possibility. For so many, asking for help is hard. We passionately believe at United Way, that receiving that help should be easy. Together, we can create a community where our friends and neighbours are no longer struggling. We are a vibrant community, filled with caring people. Let’s make a difference today.

Your gift means so very much to families across Haldimand and Norfolk. We thank you.