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Day of Caring with Farm Credit Canada

Day of Caring with Farm Credit Canada!

Farm Credit Canada is committed to making Haldimand-Norfolk a better place through the Day of Caring!

On June 6, employees from Farm Credit Canada’s Simcoe location took part in a Day of Caring at Haldimand-Norfolk REACH. The group spent the day completing yard work for a group home. This home helps youth to gain life skills and have a safe space to live.

These skills include teaching the teens how to budget their money, cook, and clean. With these skills they will have the experience to move out on their own.

The front garden before the work began

These Day of Caring events allow groups to make a real change at an organization that helps our community. This work is important to do to keep the organizations running smoothly. It also allows volunteers to see the impact that these organizations have on our community!

When the day began the front garden was overrun with weeds, leaving the volunteers with a lot of work to do. However, they were all committed to the task and got right to work. Not even the rain could stop them!

Day of Caring REACH
The group hard at work

Throughout the day the volunteers were able learn about the amazing work that Haldimand-Norfolk REACH does with youth. They were able to make a real change for the teens living in the home, shaping a beautiful garden and renewing their yard.

It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, which left a stunning garden and yard for the youth to enjoy. The participants found the experience very rewarding and the house’s staff and residents were thrilled to see the amazing change.

Volunteers from Farm Credit Canada pose with the completed garden

Thank you to Farm Credit Canada for their hard work and ongoing commitment to our community.

If you’re interesting in completing a Day of Caring, reach out to Executive Director, Brittany Burley at [email protected].