Workplace Campaign

Running a workplace campaign is an easy and fun way to help United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk, and to get your business or workplace involved within your community.

Payroll Giving

Payroll deductions are an easy way to give to United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk on a regular basis. Through this program you will donate a small portion of your paycheck to helping people in your community. This is set up between your workplace and United Way.

Workplace Campaigns

One of the best and easiest ways to make a difference and support your local United Way, is through a workplace campaign. The goal of a workplace campaign is to raise money for United Way of Haldimand Norfolk through your workplace and with coworkers.

Why should you and your workplace take part?

  • It’s a great way to compete with coworkers while doing something good.
  • The campaign can be a great team building activity for your workplace
  • Through the campaign you can learn about your community and the needs of the people in it
  • You will have pride in the change you are helping to make!
  • It can be super fun to run a campaign! Through team challenges, or creative ways to raise money you can have fun with your coworkers.
 United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk will help you to set up and prepare for your campaign, as well as providing resources for you and your team during the campaign. This includes information about our sponsored programs.
The workplace campaign is an excellent opportunity for your business or work place! For more information or to set up a workplace campaign please contact George Araujo at [email protected].