What We Do

United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk funds programs that support our community’s most vulnerable, including seniors, individuals, families and children in need, many of whom live below the poverty line.

A donation to United Way supports a number of programs and services in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. Approximately 1 in 3 citizens in our community receives support from a United Way funded partner. With your support of United Way, our community becomes a stronger and better place to live, work, and play.

When you give to United Way, your donation:
Stays Local:

Your donation stays in the Haldimand and Norfolk communities.


Achieves Impact:

United Way is an expert in identifying community needs and responding with effective, lasting solutions.


Guarantees Cost-Efficiency:

United Way guarantees cost-efficiency as each donation is invested in programs that have the proven ability to change lives in our communities.



Your donation invests in a better community for all of us.

Our Support

Our support helps to fund twelve different agencies and seventeen different programs which assist people locally. Each of these programs falls into one of three categories, which United Way has determined is an important focus:

Healthy People Strong Communities

Each of these three pillars is an integral part that makes up United Way’s support. By helping different programs that contribute to these initiatives we are working toward making a change in our own community.

True Experience

Funding applications for the 2017 campaign are now closed. If you wish to receive funding for your program next year, check back later in the year for the 2018 application form or contact the office directly for information.


If you need social or community assistance at any time, call 211  for immediate help, 24/7/365. These specialists can refer you to the correct support for your circumstance, with service in over 160 languages. This includes a referral to relevant community, social, health, and related government services.