Sponsored Employees

Not sure how your workplace can help United Way, and your community? Sponsored employees are one fantastic way to make a change and earn some good will in your community. With the sponsored employee program one (or more!) of your employees are able to temporarily join the United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk team, in order to make your community a better place.

By providing an employee for a short period of time, they are able to contribute to United Way and the various funded programs in your community. A sponsored employee is paid by their regular employer, while assisting with the day-to-day activity of United Way. This allows the employee to receive training in order to assist on a campaign, as well as build experience. All while making connections with other agencies and sponsored employees.

If you can’t spare an employee, but still want to make a contribution, your business can provide funding for United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk to hire a short term employee in your name. By providing a sponsored employee you are helping United Way make a change. Another way you can make a difference is by conducting a workplace campaign, which can get all of your employees involved with United Way!

How You Can HelpWhy Sponsor?

By sponsoring an employee you are making a change in your community, building good will for your business and making connections with organizations in your community.

Sponsored employees do important work in your community. This includes campaigning, fundraising, and becoming a future leader in your community and organization.

This opportunity is beneficial to your business, it will:

  • Show how much your business cares for your community
  • Create employees with team building, time management, and leadership skills
  • Support your community and the people in it
  • Inspire pride in your business
  • Help you and your employees gain insight into your community and the issues affecting people locally
What Do Sponsored Employees Get out of the experience?
  • They are trained to assist during the campaign
  • They help to implement and brainstorm fundraising strategies
  • As well as providing input to staff and volunteers
  • Facilitate recognition to donors and volunteers
  • All while building useful skills and feeling a sense of pride in themselves

These employees are fundamental in helping United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk to succeed in helping your community.

United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk needs your help year round! For more information, or to set up a sponsored employee contact George Araujo at [email protected]