Swiss Chalet Shows United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk A Little Love

Kim Shippey, United Way Executive Director (left) and Christine Casey, Assistant Manager, Swiss Chalet Simcoe (right)

Swiss Chalet Simcoe knows how to create a buzz through social media. As great community champions, Swiss Chalet is helping to boost the United Way message through a series of Facebook giveaways by donating four separate large gift baskets, each with a unique theme. The first basket they provided had a Valentine’s Day twist, filled with chocolates and a $100 gift card to the restaurant. Their next basket will be themed around Mother’s Day, followed by a July 1st celebration and a back to school basket for Labour Day weekend.

We recognize and applaud the outstanding support that the United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk provides to our community and we are thrilled to be a part of that impactful change.

John MacDonald, franchise owner of Simcoe Swiss Chalet

All you need to do to win is follow us on Facebook, be a local resident and like, share and comment on the contest posts and you could take home one of these fabulous baskets. Our Valentines basket reached an astounding 49,915 people with over 10,000 engagements.

We can’t thank Swiss Chalet, Simcoe and John MacDonald enough for providing an avenue for our United Way to share our message to so many people. The need for social services continues to grow in our communities. Thank you, John and your team, for helping us to spread this message through our social media platform and gain more followers and champions for United Way.

Kim Shippey, Executive Director of United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk

When you support United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk, you are helping a multitude of services through community programs that offer basic needs like food, shelter, programs for seniors to enhance their lives, much-needed school supplies for children in need across Haldimand and Norfolk and a supportive environment for those living with mental illness.

To donate a gift basket from your local business please contact us today. You can be a part of impactful change today.